Crispy Pinto, Walnut and Mushroom sausages (Gf) (V) (Cn) (Sf)


So these are like sausages version 4.0. I made these a few times, changing up oyster for portobello because I thought portobello was more umame. Something which really bothered me about these was the texture. When making just vegan sausages, the addition of wheat gluten gives a great chewiness to the sausages and helps hold them together. I had tried a few gluten free recipes off the internet and i just couldn’t get over how soft the sausages were… and they often disintegrated during the cooking process. Continue reading Crispy Pinto, Walnut and Mushroom sausages (Gf) (V) (Cn) (Sf)


Grilled Aubergine (Eggplant) with Tomato (Gf) (Nf) (V)


I worked in a bar with 4 Italians, so they are definitely to blame for any delicious Italian recipe I have. Actually, the bar before that, I worked with a few Italians aswell. Italians must have some natural bar skills!!! ha.  Sometimes, we would bring food with us to work and after a shift, at around 5am, we would nom on a feast of multicultural foods. None of my workmates were Vegan, but they were extremely inclusive and always made something I could eat.

Anyways, this recipe is super simple, but takes a little while. So worth it and you can easily store it in the fridge.

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Eat Your Greens At Every Meal!


‘Is brocolli a fruit now?’… p.s. the measuring tape is for measuring pastry!!!

So New Year has come and gone. I did not (and do not) make NY resolutions. I guess it’s the newly formed juicing fanatics that keep coming in to work, that inspired me to blow my wages on a selection of fruit and vegetables. Another reason would definitely have to be reading Food Over Medicine, a book which goes through the average meat eating, milk drinking, fat consuming diet and shows how it damages people’s health. It also covers the damaging effects of an overly fatty vegan diet… Gulp! I am definitely one of those vegans that people assume is incredibly healthy, but i am a junk food junky and I definitely don’t get enough fruit and veg in every day! YER WHA!? I know a vegan that doesn’t eat enough veg? Well, if you assume 5-a-day is ok, then i’m above average. But new research has shown,

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Creamy Mushroom, Tempeh and Greens (Gf) (V) (Nf)

I love when you arrive home from a long day, you look in the fridge and WHAM! inspiration!.
I had bought, over the last week, a few different kinds of mushrooms for experimental purposes (Note: no magic be had from these mushrooms!) and they needed to be cooked right away. In my cupboard, a can of coconut milk which was most likely waiting for a creamy curry base. BORING, right? So, I threw these two ingredients together… (with another few) and Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am, my stew. I would like to thank tempeh for so patiently waiting in my freezer for this day, you knew your deliciousness would win out in the end…
Ok enough runaway-imagination-trains-of-thought! On to the recipe… Continue reading Creamy Mushroom, Tempeh and Greens (Gf) (V) (Nf)

Sundried tomato, mushroom and Kale Panklet… Chomlette…? (Chickpea Omelette-y thing)

I woke up this morning with major belly rumbles. Hoping this wasn’t going to be an empty day (when you feel hungry no matter your intake of food), I pre-emptively striked the hunger with a ta-a-asty chickpea… omelette/pancake. Why this indecision with words? Well. On one hand the ingredients suggest a pancake. But the soft and fluffy texture of the cooked chickpea batter and the vegetable filling thrown in along with it gives an impression of a kind of omelette. Perfect for breakfest. (note: not a spelling mistake. Breakfast is the festival of morning time nommings!)

Anyway, enough with silly frivolities. To the recipe! Continue reading Sundried tomato, mushroom and Kale Panklet… Chomlette…? (Chickpea Omelette-y thing)